A farewell to Twitter

We have deactivated the What Works account on Twitter in response to Elon Musk’s increasingly erratic leadership. We hadn’t been using it for much of anything other than tweeting out new posts from this website. You can sign up for free delivery of posts by email by scrolling down the right-hand rail, entering your email address and clicking “Subscribe.”

Ellen and Dan also use their own social media accounts to share news about community journalism. You can find Ellen on Mastodon at @eclegg@mastodon.sdf.org. Dan’s on Mastodon at @dankennedy_nu@journa.host and on Post News at dankennedy_nu.

Author: Dan Kennedy

I am a professor of journalism at Northeastern University specializing in the future of local journalism at whatworks.news. My blog, Media Nation, is online at dankennedy.net.

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